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The Storandt Farms Story

From Grandma’s House to Your Kitchen

Storandt Farms is a located in Mindoro, Wisconsin and owned by Wendy Storandt and her family. Storandt Farms provides fresh, homemade salsas and BBQ sauces to members of the surrounding community. It all started with a mission to share a commonsense approach to feeding your family and saving money.

Over 30 years ago, as a very young girl, Wendy was always buzzing around her grandma’s kitchen, assisting with processing small-batch jars of delicious salsas. The old ways of doing things from scratch were passed on and etched into a young mind, and a passion for cooking, the outdoors, and gardening began to flourish. Over time that passion never faded away. 

Currently, at Storandt Farms, our products include: homemade salsas, BBQ sauces, and mix-and-match gift baskets

Slow down, smell the flowers, walk in the woods, eat a homemade meal with your family, and enjoy our products with the ones you love!




BBQ Sauce